User Acquisition –
How to acquire new users
for your custom branded app


In this section of the training resource we will outline several ways for your business to sign up existing and new customers to your app. You can decide to use any or all of these strategies, depending on your business model and existing acquisition channels.

You will find all of the images from this resource in the Download section of the Partner Portal. You can download and use these images for the purposes listed.

Social Media

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your app is through social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for communicating with potential customers and creating a desire for them to take up your business offerings and sign up to your app.

1 Social Headers

“Social Headers” are the large billboard style space at the top of your social media pages. This is prime real estate for advertising promotions such as your new app. Below are a few simple examples of Facebook Banners. We have designed the Social Headers below for you to copy and use, or you could create your own with simple apps such as Canva and Piktochart.

2 Social Media Posts

When promoting your app on your social media channels, don’t forget that only a small percentage of followers see each of your posts. Therefore, it’s good to post two or three times, at different times, using the same or similar content. Then repeat on different days to capture the maximum views. If followers see it more than once that will reinforce the message to download the app.

When developing your social media posts, it's important to highlight why your followers should download the app (the value to them), and that the app is FREE to download. It’s also very important to ensure you have the links to both the iOS app store and Google Play Store to make it as simple as possible for users to download.

The image you use on regular posts can contain as much text as you like, so take advantage of this by highlighting that the app is AWARD WINNING, that it’s been showcased on leading TV programs such as The TODAY Show, leading publications such as WHO Magazine, FAIRFAX MEDIA and MY CHILD magazine and online blogs such as MAMAMIA. In addition, the app is recommended by medical professionals which is another great point to highlight in your promotional activities.

Don't forget to provide your unique ACTIVATION CODE you received on sign up on all your promotions – this will ensure your users can access your unique bratnded app.

It’s also a great idea to include a call-to-action in your social media promotional activities. The call-to-action (CTA) is the text on a banner or button that encourages the user to click on the ad and move down the conversion funnel. CTAs are a great thing to experiment with using split A/B testing. For example, users might respond well to “Buy Now!” but be less interested in “Learn more.” Try a few different CTAs to see which ones work best for your target market.

Here’s an example of a Facebook or Instagram post.

Download our Free app to help track little one's daily routine, measurements, milestones and medications all in one safe place! #babydiaries

If the post is really well received by your followers, you may then decide to do a paid boost to reach a broader audience

3 Paid Social Posts

A low cost, highly targeted advertising option is paid advertising on social media. Using this method, you can advertise to very a specific target market by specifying demographic, geographic, and even things like what other social media pages the target market follow. When creating a paid advertisement on Facebook be sure to keep the text on the image within 25% or less of the total image size to meet Facebook requirements.

Your ad should be simple, featuring an attractive image and a clear call-to-action (e.g. INSTALL NOW).After tapping install now, users are taken to the app/google play store, where they can download and install the app

Twitter also offers multiple opportunities for paid social, including Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets. Below are two different app install ads with native design that show up directly in users’ feeds. Again, notice the clean design with a clear call-to-action:

4 Pinterest

With over 80% of Pinterest users accessing Pinterest on a mobile device, it's an obvious place to promote your custom app. Available on iOS and Android, Promoted App Pins include an easy to recognize app icon and an install button.

Pinners can discover and seamlessly install your app while on Pinterest. Pinterest offers advice on designing promoted app pins here

5 Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to attract new followers on social media. When creating your hashtags, consider what people are searching for when they need your products or services. Those search words would make great hashtags. We also encourage you to create your own app related hashtag that can be used on every social post, on promotional collateral, and on competitions. This allows app users, and potential users, to search for news and information about your app by simply using the hashtag. You can also include the global app hashtag #babydiaries.

Existing Clients

The Baby Diaries app will provide a great opportunity to stay in regular contact with your existing (and new) clients so it will be important to ensure your existing clients have every opportunity to find out about and download your custom app.

Here are some suggested actions:

Direct Mail – this could be email or physical mail letting your clients know that you have a brand new FREE app that is going to make their lives a little easier. Provide links to the Google Play and App store and be sure to include your Activation Code. You could use the example below:

Hi there!

We know how important it is for you to keep track of your baby’s feed, sleep, nappies, growth, milestones and medications. We also know that it can become quite overwhelming … especially when you already have so much to remember!

The great news is that we now have a brand new FREE app where you can track all of that and more. It’s called The Baby Diaries and it’s ready for you now. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play store using these links:

Once you download the app you’ll be prompted for an “ACTIVATION CODE”. Insert [YOUR ACTIVATION CODE] in the space. You can track multiple children, and you can also share the app with other carers by sending them the PIN that you’ll find in More/Settings. It’s cloud-based so you’ll never miss a precious moment.

Keeping track has never been easier.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best

Facebook live, Facebook or Instagram stories, or even a webinar that promotes the app during your app launch are all great ways to engage with your customers and show them the value of the app, while driving downloads. Remember to mention your Activation Code.

Update any blogs, promotional materials, website copy and newsletters to include links to the app store and Google Play store. Remember to mention your Activation Code.

Existing Marketing

Email marketing to your database will let your contacts know that you have a brand new FREE app. This is a great opportunity to briefly list the key benefits of the app and provide links to the Google Play and App store as well as your Activation Code.

1 Graphic banners for email

You could use your email as an opportunity to share some images of the app such as an email marketing banner like these that we have created for you to download and use:

Instore Promotion

Via in store– ensure all team members are trained to educate customers about your app, highlighting key benefits (including that it's free) and highlighting that the app will make their lives easier. We have developed some in-store print-ready collateral for you. All of these images are available for you to download and use in the DOWNLOAD section of the partner portal. Once printed, all you need to do is add your Activation Code.

Open Day – if you have a physical store (or stores) why not consider holding an in store open day and inviting customers in so you can help them install the app? This is a great customer nurturing activity. If you have an online business, you can have a virtual launch online!

Website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website is a fantastic place to promote The Baby Diaries app! There are a number of things you could do such as:

Add a landing page with some download buttons, like our Australian partners TerryWhite Chemmart have done here

Add hyperlinks throughout the website to any places where you might talk about parenting tools, technology, tracking baby’s sleep, infant nutrition,

milestones, keeping track of medications, growth charts, nappies and feeds (breast, bottle or bowl).

Add an App page to your website pages.

Add a Download Now button to your website homepage

We all know that without SEO our websites can become digital islands. They look great, they’re full of fantastic content … but no one can find them without actually typing in the website to the search engine.

Now that you have The Baby Diaries app it would be great to update your SEO keywords to include things like babyapp; babytracker; babydiary; babymilestones; whattoexpect; breastfeedingapp; whattofeedbabies and things like that!

PR And Media

PR and media is a fundamental element across all levels of business. There are various ways that you can get media coverage about the App such as:

Using the example press release from the DOWNLOADS section of the portal and send it out to local newspaper, print and online publications who share the same audience as you.

Ask happy clients that have used the app to provide reviews and testimonials and use these as part of the good news stories.

Consider running a competition that promotes your community to download the App and have the competition covered by local press.

Reach out to bloggers and influencers in the community to obtain cross promotion.

Hold a launch party to inform local media of the App.