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The Complete Baby Tracking App Midwives Recommend

Keeps track of baby’s feeds, sleep, nappies, growth, milestones and medication all in one simple app!

The Baby Diaries is a simple, easy to use baby app that keeps track of baby’s sleep, feed, change times, growth, medication and milestone achievements in one safe place. You can even share milestones to your social media, AND access amazing discounts!

Designed and developed by mothers, The Baby Diaries offers peace of mind to parents and carers. And like all of our apps, it’s FREE! What’s not to love about that?!

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Key features of The Baby Diaries:

Growth Charts

Our innovative graphs include World Health Organisation growth charts, allowing you to track little one's growth over time in one safe location.


Record number and type of nappy changes, including any concerns you may want to discuss with health professionals.


Keep track of medications including time, type, dosage, and alert settings for the next due dose.

The Baby Diaries

Record and Time Sleep

Sleep is something, as parents and carers, we all want to track! Keep track of start and finish times, and see trends appear in a graph.

Breast, Bottle and Bowl

Record and time breast feeds, bottle feeds, and solids, including a notes function to track any reactions to certain foods

Memories and Milestones

Record and share memories and milestones including date, time and photo!

See how the app works in the video

Tracking little one’s feeds gives you peace of mind
Every breastfeeding mum has days when she forgets what side she nursed on, or needed help with remembering when baby had their last bottle, and how much they drank. The Baby Diaries takes care of that by keeping track of everything straight into your phone.
Sleep…what sleep?
Let’s face it, as parents we are tired, but are our little ones getting enough sleep for their age and stage? With The Baby Diaries you can track sleep start, finish and duration, and take the graph along to your next healthcare visit!
Developmental milestones
Babies go through developmental milestones, however every baby is unique and that’s why we’ve added the option for you to add your own special milestones to our list!

Did You Know…

A baby’s head is proportionally quite large (albeit extremely cute), being one-quarter of the total body length, compared to only one-eighth of the total adult’s body length. Our World Health Organisation growth tracker will help you keep track as baby does eventually become much more proportional!

The Baby Diaries Feed Tracker

Tracking Breast, Bottle and Solid Feeds

…because you have enough to remember

Keeping track of when baby fed, how long they fed for, what side they fed on (if breastfeeding) or how much they drank (if bottle feeding) can all be a bit much for a sleep deprived carer, so we’ve taken the stress out of this and included a feed tracker in the app.

You can add missed feeds, change the feed details, pause feeds, and even keep notes of any reactions to feeds.

Because the app is cloud based, any one with a pin number can keep track of feeds. That may be another parent, or a carer such as a grandparent or nanny.

There are enough things to remember as a new parent … feeds don’t have to be one of them.

Growth Tracker

…because they grow so fast!

We all know how important it is to track little one’s growth … it’s so important that the World Health Organisation has created world standards for boys and girls.

Using those exact WHO standards, we have created the growth tracker, including the ability to track length, weight, and head circumference, AND the app intuitively plots your baby’s measurements against the WHO graph for boys (if you have a boy) or girls (if you have a girl).

You can keep track yourself, when you see the midwife, or when you attend the health clinic.

The Baby Diaries

Sleep Tracker

Sleep…what sleep?

Even though it may feel as if your little one doesn’t sleep enough, The Baby Diaries app will ensure you keep track of sleep start, finish and duration… you can even add any missed sleeps AND view them on a graph.

As parents it feels as if, just as we start seeing a pattern in our little one’s sleep habits, everything changes. This is why we’ve developed a sleep graph, so that all of your sleep data gets turned into an easy to read graph. You can then see if there are trends, what those trends are, and when they change.

If you need to leave your little one with a carer, they can also keep track by using the app from their device. You can log in while you’re away and see baby’s graph for this and every app function. All you need to do is share the unique pin that comes with your app, and your helpers will be able to keep track even when you’re away.