How to cut down on waste in your marketing budget

If I asked what percentage of your marketing budget was wasted, I’m sure you would say none (or “hardly any”)! It’s all part of your planned marketing spend. But let’s look a little deeper to see if or where you could be saving some money in your business.

The first place to look is your budget spend on printed materials.

Next step – calculate how many of those printed leaflets, cards, brochures or catalogs end up in the recycling bins of households and businesses (approximate is fine)? What does that equate to in dollar terms?

And how much of your time was spent creating those printed materials? What value do you place on that?

Is there a distribution cost to consider?

With a global push towards waste reduction, there’s also a few hundred trees to consider (and a growing community of consumers who no longer want printed materials).

But if you cut out those printed brochures, catalogs, coupons, and cards out of your marketing mix, what would you replace it with that is actually going to give you a solid ROI AND get to the hands of your target market.

Well, given that we are all on our phones every day and half of the night, my money is on apps. I’m not suggesting you invest in those annoying pop up adverts, or banner ads .. I’m suggesting you get your own app, or find bespoke opportunities to be promoted via other apps that share your target market. Before you start worrying about the cost, first look up at what you’ll be SAVING from the printed waste, and then consider that you could have your own app for as little as $30 per week … I think you’ll agree that apps are where your best ROI will be found.

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