Because your pet deserves the best care possible.

Build your brand and grow a community with your very own branded app!

Leverage off the success of The Pet Diaries® by licensing our IP to have your own app at a fraction of the price. The option to license our IP instead of building an app from scratch will not only save you time and money, it will be a painless experience so you can continue to focus on running your business rather than a team of developers.

Building an app from bottom up will take a LOT of time to not only design and build, but you need to spend months testing it in the market, refining, testing, refining, and so on. The Pet Diaries® has been build off the success of The Baby Diaries® which has been tried and tested in the marketplace for 7 years now and it works, so why waste time trying to re-invent the wheel when you can literally have your own app in less than a month.

If there is something you would like to add to your app, customization is absolutely available as we want to ensure it’s tailored to your unique business goals.

And the best bit, we will do all the hard work for you!

Be part of the digital movement to Increase sales, boost customer loyalty and improve pet health outcomes.

A valued pet health partner

Be part of your customer’s pet health care journey by giving them a beautifully designed, free app to keep track of their pet’s health, well being, memories, appointments, medications and more … You’ll never be just another advertiser in a crowded marketplace again.

Your brand in front of >3.75 million women

We will showcase your business to our active marketplace of 3.75 million decision makers, with 66% being pet owners, PLUS you’ll be listed in our “find a pet partner” page, showcased to our social pages and on our blog! We’ll also provide you with online training to increase users, engage with users and monetise the app in a variety of ways, adding a new income stream to your business.

Customer Relationship Management

Increase sales, loyalty, CRM and marketing efficiency, whilst offering your customers the ultimate value. If you’re only using traditional marketing such as catalogues, EDMs and advertisements, you’re only reaching around 30% of your clients. By offering clients The Pet Diaries you become more than a supplier … you are part of their pet’s healthcare journey!

Deep data insights of your customers
You can’t fix it if you’re not measuring it! Monthly reports provide deep insights into your customer’s demographics, location, pet details, app usage, retention and even how they found the app (their acquisition journey). Then we’ll show you how to use this data to better engage with customers to grow your business.

Taking Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level

The Pet Diaries is a customer Acquisition, Retention and Education tool. It boosts customer loyalty, improves health and well-being outcomes for pets, and offers a significant Return on Investment to your business.

Imagine a tool that enables your business to send offers to customers for products or services they need, in real time. Imagine that this tool also enhances the pet’s health and well-being, and puts your brand in front of your country’s most powerful consumer every day without being even slightly annoying? This tool will set you apart from every one of your competitors. This tool is The Pet Diaries app.

The Pet Diaries creates value by turning customer data into working assets. By overlaying behavioural sciences, this solution delivers real time business intelligence and analytics, which provide you with contextual relevance to communicate with your customers and drive incremental ROI. Our solutions are designed to operate within the retail, insurance, services, events, loyalty and health and wellness sectors of the global pet market.

Our B2B business has a global and growing footprint that includes international brands, pharmacy, retailers, media owners and insurance companies.

Sit back and relax … we do all of the tech work for you

We understand that you need to demonstrate value, nurture relationships and take CRM to the next level of excellence through personalised engagement. Our solutions mean you can stay focused on core business while we complete the tech to bring you closer to your customers.

Our done for you solution is not only extremely affordable, but you’ll have it within weeks of signing up to our monthly subscription plan. Then all you need to do is upload your logo onto the app, add your advertisements and presto, it’s ready for your current and future customers to use!

And, while the process is super simple, we will provide you with online step by step onboarding and training that will show you how to add your logo, add clickable links to your eCommerce store, blog, catalogue, social media pages, partner pages, affiliates … or any site you want to promote. We’ll also provide you with sample media releases in case you’d like to get some free PR, and we’ll even provide you with example social media adverts to help you grow your user acquisition!

Build you brand and grow a community with your very own branded app!

Do away with eDMs that don’t get open, Facebook and Instagram advertising that is getting missed in the sea of other offers, expensive text messages and speak to us today about developing your own branded app for a one off cost for both iOS and Android Platforms.

Please note that customisation to the app is available at extra cost depending on your individual requirement.

For a small annual fee we will also take care of the requirements listed to your right:


AU $ 180
Per Month
$0.15c per user
  • No fixed contract
  • Cloud services backup
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Step-by-step training portal
  • Done-for-you app store management
  • App store optimisation
  • App maintenance including bug fixes
  • Updates to manage iOS and Android platform requirements
  • Email support
  • Monthly User report including user contact details, acquisition,
    retention & demographics

* ex GST

Unlimited Messaging

Your clients will now see your brand in their hand every day … but you can enhance this engagement by sending emails and push notifications as often as you like.