App Monetization –
How to increase income
directly from your app


In this section of the training resource we will outline several ways for your business to increase income from your branded app. You can decide to use any or all of these strategies, depending on your business model and preferences.

The key topics covered in this resource are

  • 1
    Including a direct link to your eCommerce site via the Marketplace page in the app
  • 2
    Monetize the Marketplace via partnerships
  • 3
    Using Push Notifications to promote sales and events
  • 4
    Using EDMs to promote in-store and online sales events

eCommerce Links

The app marketplace is the perfect place to monetize your app. Each of these 6 buttons are clickable, meaning you can use them with imagery to attract customers into your online store. By using direct links to your eCommerce site the Marketplace becomes an eCommerce marketing tool directly from the hands of your customers. Don’t forget to update the images and content regularly to keep app users going back to check for the latest offers.

Marketplace Partnerships

Similarly to using the app marketplace to promote your own products and services, you could monetize this prime marketing real estate to like-minded businesses who share the same target market as you. They could pay to have a button for a week, month, or whatever time frame you allow. The button could promote their products, services, events, resources, or whatever else you feel would be of value to your customers. The ability to market directly to the hands of pet owners at the exact time that they need the business is something that most would be happy to pay for.

Push Notifications

When used sparingly, you can use Push Notifications to let your app users know when you have a sale or event that is relevant to them. You simply login to your portal, click NOTIFICATIONS from the menu on the left, and create your Push Notification. You can also filter the notification to make it more meaningful. So you could create a filter and only send it to users with children in a certain age range, or in a set of zipcodes, or those who are bottle fed for example. This would be particularly useful if you were a retailer with pets formula on sale! You will find all the available filters in the NOTIFICATIONS centre in the portal.

Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

Each month our team will send you a .csv file (spreadsheet) containing a full list of app users’ email address, first name, postcode, pet's name(s), type and ages.

You can use this information to stay in touch with app users, to send them special offers that are relevant, or you could monetise the information by offering suppliers or partners who share the same target market the ability to share content or offers via your email, thus creating a partner-based income stream while creating genuine value for your customers.

We have created a range of email headers that you could use to promote the app. They’re available in the Portal.

*PLEASE NOTE it is strictly against privacy policy and the terms of our agreement for you to give away, share or sell the database, however you are permitted to send offers to the database on behalf of your partners.